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From the heart of the El Koura region in North Lebanon, where the richest Olive Sourani Trees grows, with some theories suggest that the origin of the olive tree is first growing along the coasts of Lebanon, and their Oil is known to have been used in the Middle East for at least 8,000 years.

The sixteen ancient olive trees in Lebanon known as “The Sisters” are thought to be as old as 6,000 years, making them among the world’s oldest living trees that still bear fruit.

The Phoenicians were the first to domesticate and adapt the wild olive tree to cultivation.  Since 1600 BC, Phoenicians brought the olive tree to Greece and then to Italy, France, Spain and lastly North Africa.

Malouf Import/Export supplies Extra virgin olive oil under the Koura Valley brand in various sizes.

Retail packaging:

12x500 ML in a box
12x750 ML in a box
12x1 litre in a box
6x1.6 litre in a box
4x2.85 Litres in a box    

Bulk Packaging:
5litres Aluminium Tin
8litres Aluminium Tin
10litres Aluminium Tin
15litres Aluminium Tin
16litres Aluminium Tin
100-120 Litres Drum

In addition to the above products, Malouf import/export limited offers olives and stuffed olives, pickles in various sizes retail and bulk packaging. We offer the packaging under Koura Valley brand or under private label/customer’s brand.

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