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Malouf Import/Export Limited, Supply pitted Sayer and chopped/diced in retail and bulk packaging.  Our products are used in various applications such as baking, cooking purposes, cereal processing, confectionery and snacking/consuming directly,   as well as Sayer dates is used by different market sectors such as food manufacturers, bakery ingredients and grocery/supermarket chains sectors.

In addition to dates, Malouf import/export also supply the following:
Sultanas’ raisin in various sizes (Retail & Bulk)
Dried Figs (Retail & Bulk)
Pistachios various sizes (Retail & Bulk)
Dried freeze fruits and vegetables (Retail & Bulk)

Our Dates are IFS, ISO Credited FSSC222000, Sedex, FDA, K- Star Kosher, Organic and Halal certified

We offer different grades of Sayer Pitted Dates.  These are:
FAQ/GAQ/Select Grade B/Select Grade A/AA/AAA
Super Select
Select (Max.75/LB)
B-Grade (Max.85/LB) 
GAQ (Max.110/LB)
FAQ (Max.125/LB)
Chopped / Sliced Dates(regular)
Chopped / Sliced Dates(RTU)

Packaging : 10kg | 15kg | 23kg

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